It’ll be ongoing….

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So through this month of class I feel I’ve learned a lot and it has also got me back into doing somethings I hadn’t dealt with in quite some time. For example drawing. I, once upon a time ago was good, or at least decent with sketching up really anything I thought of. In 10 years or so I hadn’t picked up a sketchbook, and since I had one assignment that had me sketch I’ve started to pick up the drawing again, and it proves to myself, practice does make perfect. If I set my mind to it, I can do it.
Also this month I’ve had a lot going on with pushing myself to get back into designing more so then dealing with games. Which landed me not only one wedding package but another one for 300+ people. I know what I’m capable of, and I also know where I want to be at, and this is the right course for that. If I continually push my boundaries with what I think I can do, I see sparkling skies in my future!
I plan to move this blog to its own domain within the next week or so and give it a more professional feel for it. Granted I’ve not coded websites in 6+ years, and A LOT has changed, like, this jquery thing UGH… I’ll tackle it down however! So, revamping soon!!!


So as in my last post, I was talking about wedding invitation design and such. My sister in law liked the design we came up with and it is now being PRINTED for 100+ people. Let me just say that there is no better feeling in the world right now that can compare ( well maybe a few that included my kids haha), then knowing that my design is going to be posted on fridges in the next coming weeks. It’s being printed in a magnet form, since its a Save The Date. Since it’s being sent out, and its finalized I’ll post it and maybe get some feedback from others!


The initial design we had going on was a open book, portraying a new chapter in their story together since they’ve been going out for a good deal of time. She didn’t really like it too much however so we switched it up some as you can see. The groom liked the antique feel to the design so I stuck with it, and added the strip of green since it was one of the chosen wedding colors. The bride also wanted her name on top rather then the groom’s and since he was refusing I tried to aim at pleasing both (which I somehow did with the names). I stuck her name out more while pushing his to the side so in a sense it seemed you’d read her name before his, but his was still on top! They seemed to get it, but maybe they were just being nice haha! Anyway, thats a little overview of the design and such! Enjoy!

Wedding Invitations

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So recently, my sister in law has gotten engaged. Naturally I offered up the fact I could do invitations and such. Now I’ve never actually worked with someone to do this sort of thing, let a lone one for 100+ people. So I’m somewhat nervous but we actually got it done this week.
While the first design I pulled up was good (so she said haha), it wasn’t exactly what she wanted. So we played around with her colors coming to the conclusion meshed they really don’t look too good together but we took one of the colors for a Save the Date design and it meshed well with the antique feel it had going on. So overall, I learned patience because usually I just do what I want with design and I have to learn to actually go with what the customer wants. I’m happy I get my sister in law for my first actual client, instead of a really crazy bride haha!

…and it opens!

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Wow, I have not had a blog in YEARS. I have been recently looking into getting a website under construction, but haven’t really put that much effort into it. Thankfully, my recent class at Full Sail as required a blog so, it put me in the right direction for it. I plan to upgrade, and re invent this blog at some point, but for now I’ll stick to the basics!

This blog is going to be used for mainly my own personal designs / daily blurts. From the title you can guess it’ll revolve around gaming and design! I love games, mainly MMORPG’s. Now from time to time, if you’ve ever played this games, you’ll see in a chat ‘Oh, girl gamers? Yeah no they aren’t real’, thats where I snagged the title from! While we are a lower population then the boys, we are still there.

For these games, I’ve somewhat gotten into photo manipulations with the models, as you can see from above. I don’t use any special software for it. I just take a couple screen shots, and cut and chop body parts and place them about until it looks decent. Some people will use a 3d image software for it that I’ve seen, but there’s no fun in just click and dragging the body where you want it! Anyways, I think this is a good intro post for the blog, so hopefully you’ll like whats up coming in the days to follow!

Thanks for reading!